Referral Opportunity Indicator – ROI

Leverage your relationships for optimal return on investment


Does your business rely on referrals to generate revenue and opportunities? Are you dependent on relationships with partners, peers and colleagues?

Whether you are in the real estate business, a title company, a law firm or a CPA firm, the relationships you make turn into opportunities and turn into revenue.

Our software consulting practice, is part of a CPA firm, that has been utilizing this software application for over 20 years, to manage the sources of our revenue, our valued referral network. 

Who are your top referral sources? How many opportunities has your team referred on to your network? Are certain events you sponsored, generating good referrals?  

The EHTC Referral Opportunity Indicator (ROI) tool, can measure and rank your referral sources, to help you invest in the right relationships and in the most efficient way.

·       With the right information, reward your top referral sources for future business

·       Help your sales team optimize their activities by understanding and aligning them to most rewarding referral sources

·       Measure and monitor the revenue associated with each referral source and category

·       Track outbound referrals, when you provide referrals to your network

As a CPA firm, we rely heavily on our referral network, with our referral management experience and our technology solutions, we have built a Referral Opportunity Indicator (ROI) to help you leverage your relationships for optimum return on investment.  

ROI Benefits

Pre Built Dashboards for Management KPI’s

·       Daily activities that nurture your referral sources, tracked by sales resource, to understand who your top performers are

·       Graphs showing revenue generated by referral sources

·       Indicators showing the category of referral source

Simplified User Interface For Sales Team

·       Scan referral contact info from business card from phone device

·       Simplified opportunity management interface to track and record revenue opportunities

·       Automatically generate follow ups and messaging to your referral network

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Platform

·       Built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Platform, a fully supported CRM

·       Upload leads from trade shows or market lists

·       Seamless integration with Microsoft Office 365

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