Start your Digital Transformation

Organizations are continually going through digital transformation, even if they don’t realize it.

• Is it easy to do business with your organization?

• Do managers and customers, have access to the data they need, to make more informed decisions?

• Are there processes in your operations that are inefficient, double or triple entry of information?

These are some of the questions we should all ask on a regular basis as we build and manage our business. Today’s customers are tech savvy, mobile, and have expectations that are being formed with interactions they have. And many of these interactions are now digital.

We can help you begin a path towards Digital Transformation, by assessing where you are at, and identifying areas of opportunity. 

Our assessment begins with understanding the key drivers of your business today and where you desire to be. Once we understand that, we will look at the technology that supports your key business processes. Our focus will be on the systems that support your offerings, operations, and finance. We will want to understand what is working well and some areas of pain.

At the end of our assessment, we will provide you with a document which maps out the systems that support your organization and identify areas for improvement as well as areas of strength. From here you can begin to prioritize and plan where you would like to go. Some of these options will be simple and easy to implement, some may require a multi-year planning and investments.

What will this assessment look like?

• One individual meeting with key process owners in Sales, Operations, and Finance

• EHTC will document and map out the technology stack supporting the key business processes

• EHTC will provide a report with recommendations

• One final presentation to go over the findings

What size organization will benefit from this assessment?

• This is geared towards small to midsized businesses with 10 – 150 employees.

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