Custom Software Solution

As every business is unique in some way, the software that runs it should be customized to run most efficiently. Sometimes canned, off-the-shelf software doesn’t meet the business needs at hand and that’s where we come in. We can analyze your current needs along with your existing systems and present a list of options including a design specification document detailing the project ahead.

Do you have different systems and data in separate silos? How about employees or customers that need access to certain data in your organization? Our team has years of experience, connecting and sharing data from different systems and databases. We can help you plan and implement a solution that specifically meets your needs.

Dashboards, advanced reports, automated data syncs between systems, mobile apps, web apps, desktop software and integrations. Let our experienced team navigate the complexities to get you to your “next”.

web applications

We have developed full-scale web applications for use across entire organizations, ranging from integrated quote systems to assembly line management and everything in between.

data integrations

Have data in one system, but want it in another? Tired of manual data entry? We’ve got you covered. Let us automate these processes for you to save you time and money.

desktop software

Though web applications are flexible, sometimes they are not enough. A custom desktop solution has much greater flexibility both in terms of customization and scale.

Web Apps


Accounting for time is one of the many business challenges we have solved for our clients. Whether it is for compliance, billing and revenue, or time management, our team has built flexible front end applications (mobile and web apps) that can track time and help your team manage that time.


Quoting products and services is always a unique process and usually a differentiator for many organizations. Getting product information, pricing and product details and specifications in a concise and consistent format is always a challenge. With our system integration experience and productivity tools, we can help you simplify the quoting process and efficiently share information between systems.

Auto matching

When sharing orders and transactions between systems, matching this data between systems can be a time consuming and error prone process. See our application AR Automatch


Systems integration

No single customer has just one operations and financial systems. Throughout the sales and fulfillment process, many systems are used to deliver an opportunity from a lead to revenue recognition. Our team has connected a multitude of systems from sales, purchasing, and fulfillment to design development, to invoicing and collections, to bring systems together and create insight into your data.


Customer portals and e-commerce sites generate sales efficiently. Once these sales are completed, we can eliminate manual process and data entry for fulfillment and invoicing. We can automate the process from your website to your inventory and fulfillment.

Accounts payable and general ledger

Many customers are outsourcing financial processes such as AP or AR. This generally requires a different system outside of your General Ledger system. Our team can integrate other systems with your GL system to automate the transaction process, eliminated dual entry and the likelihood of mistakes.

Desktop Software

system enhancements

Does your business process match your software? As organizations change and grow, new processes are required and many times your software is not configured to handle these changes. Our team can modify and enhance software to get your business back in sync. Sales alerts and follow ups are a common area of improvement, let our team help automate your processes for better and more consistent responses.

rebate management

Our team has helped OEM’s track and manage rebates and promotional offers through custom software, helping to sort and match data from different systems. Systems we have developed in rebate management help to identify duplicates and errors, resulting in overpayments.

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