Automatic Matching for your Accounts Receivables in Business Central

If a high volume of billing and payments is consuming more of your precious resources’ time matching and applying than you would like, AR AutoMatch for Business Central is here to help!

Imagine matching and applying thousands of outstanding sales invoices and payment receipts all in one process in minutes versus what used to take days! No matter how your sales invoices and cash receipts are entered into Business Central, this single screen process will automate all your A/R receipt applications in one-step.


You have an extremely high volume of daily sales invoices and cash receipts that require matching and posting. This is particularly relevant to ecommerce businesses. It can take HOURS to manually apply and post cash receipts to their corresponding sales invoices.


AR AutoMatch combines all this into one process and screen that automates the matching, applying, and posting of all those cash receipts. It will reduce A/R administrative burden and processing time from HOURS to MINUTES freeing up resources and allowing for better use of their time.


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