Have you been looking to get data from your website into CRM? Need a contact us form, or a request for information form to feed directly into Dynamics CRM? Need sales orders sent into CRM for processing?

  1. Websites which are built on CMS solutions may have a plugin built already to connect the website to CRM directly. For example WordPress has a Zapier Gravity Forms add-on https://zapier.com/apps/gravity-forms/integrations/microsoft-dynamics-crm/72821/add-new-gravity-forms-respondents-as-microsoft-dynamics-365-crm-leads
  2. For typical form requests like contact us forms and lead generation forms, the most common solution is to use a third party tool to generate an html form which you can iframe or drop the html directly into your existing website. There are several third parties out there with this functionality:
  3. For the best integration that supports the most complicated data (like sales orders) the best option is to have the website developer integrate directly with CRM through the CRM’s web APIs. This really depends on what you are doing and what website platform you are using to see if its a good fit or not. There are also some third-party connectors which may be able to built integrations if the website has its own APIs to access the entered data.
  4. The last option is to have the website email you Excel or CSV file(s) and then you can import that into CRM manually. Slightly better than re-entering the form by hand, but still rather cumbersome. The Excel/CSV import in CRM is already baked in so this is the cheapest option but it is just barely a step up from entering it by hand.

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