The term, digital transformation, is all around us. My team hears this term multiple times a day, of course, as technology consultants, we are working in digital transformation all day long.

“Digital transformation” isn’t necessarily a specific strategy. It’s an ongoing process that uses technology to improve business offerings, operations, and outcomes. Today’s technology is Cloud technology, it is accessed through the Internet and it is connected to countless data sources that contain massive data points. These data sources are delivering powerful insights and trends that can help you make more informed decisions.

Let’s look at a common business technology and how it can help your digital transformation. Many organizations have moved their standard Email Server to the Cloud. By making this change to an intelligent cloud solution, this organization is now leveraging the new capabilities and insights of a solution that is connected to massive amounts of data which feeds AI (artificial Intelligence) tools.

In the Outlook ribbon, you will notice a tile called Viva Insights. This tool uses AI to surface trends and highlight important tasks and events that are buried in your email communications and calendar.

Now that your email is in the Cloud, Microsoft will continue to enhance and analyze data within the solution and outside of the solution. The solution is also surfacing external information such as the current weather. Unintentionally, digital transformation is happening, and growing data will continue to feed the AI engine.

Digital Transformation is happening everywhere, any App you download, from your bank or retailer is building in AI to provide you with better insights and tips. Bank accounts are predicting your spending, by leveraging history and trends. Shopping apps are alerting you every two months to replenish products that you usually buy, every two months.

As we see how this transformation is impacting us personally, imagine the insights gleaned at an organizational level. Imagine leveraging the last decade of sales data, service data, delivery data or accounts receivable data? AI can enable organizations to find trends and anomalies, in your data.

As teams look to enable digital transformation within their organizations, it soon becomes apparent that the “elephant in the room” is the 20-year-old database and ERP software, which houses the operational, sales, distribution and production data of the entire organization.

The biggest transformation for any organization can be the replacement of their financial and operational system, with a Cloud based solution. Today’s Cloud ERP solutions are breaking down the silos of organizational information and data, providing insights that can dramatically improve your performance.

It is truly exciting to see digital transformation take place. Our team has a front row seat to see this impact and we are ready to help with your transformation, when you are ready.

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Dan Holzgen

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