Hold | Release Later | Release Now | No Action.  If you’ve used Dynamics SL, you know these four batch handling options.

In the past, it has been difficult to separate data entry and approval duties when entering Accounts Payable vouchers.  Approval processes have relied on entering batches, printing/exporting edit reports, and off-line processes for supervisors to approve or reject invoices, for reasons that may or may not be well documented.

In the SL2018 Voucher and Adjustment Entry screen, there is a new batch handling option: “Submit for Approval.”  You can set up approval parameters so that only authorized users can approve a batch of accounts payable vouchers.  The batch can’t be released until it has been approved and the approver can approve or reject individual invoices in the batch.  You can have up to two approval levels, with rights assigned to individual users or user groups.  For audit trail purposes, SL keeps a history log of all approvals and/or rejections; you can easily report on any and all invoice approval history through your favorite reporting tool, SSRS, Crystal, etc.

This is a great new feature that helps solve an age-old shortcoming in SL.  Check it out!


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