Business Central (BC) developers recognize that there are many new users starting in BC and there is a need to make the experience as easy as possible.  Until now most of the help and page tours were limited to the pages and controls defined by the AL language, but with this release they have expanded to the top navigation bar as well as controls for sorting and filtering. These tours can provide an introduction to a better understanding of the home page.

  1. Tour of Business Central to help users get to know the basics

These tours will help new users when they get started using BC.  The new approach is what will give users the better understanding of not just the home page, but also the basics of the BC user interface.

  1. More educational app tours for standard roles

The quicker new users can come up to speed with BC, the better for the company and the employees.  This new update wave provides this by increasing the number of tours to more areas of the application.  The new tours will speed up the learning and startup phase.  They are available on demand so that they can provide a refresher later.

  1. Search from the Help pane

Training will only get a new user so far.  Mastery comes from using the product, but how does a user get through a process before mastery is achieved?  That is where the Help function comes in.  The Help pane provides a familiar in-app experience where users can discover useful links, troubleshooting guides, helpful documentation articles, and online learning material, right from within Business Central.  The help pane is being changed to look more like other Office and Dynamics 365 applications.  The pane will provide links to BC documentation articles, tips for working efficiently, FAQ and links to Microsoft Learn for lessons that are self-paced online learning paths that are tailored to various roles and skill levels.

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