In Dynamics 365 CRM there is a lesser used feature called pinning. Pinning is used to save you time. There are two different types of pinning:

1) Pinning a view: Save which view you want to see first when visiting a entity list

First, to pin a view, go to an entity and pull down the view menu (see screenshot). There is a pin icon next to each view. If you click on the pin then the next time you navigate to this entity list again it will have this view picked by default. For example the default view for Marketing List entity might be “My Active Marketing Lists”. That might not be useful to you since you do not every own any marketing lists. So instead pin the “Active Marketing Lists” view so that the next time you go to the Marketing List entity it will automatically default to the “Active Marketing Lists” view instead. Save yourself some clicks later. Do not confuse this with the Pinned menu on the left hand menu, I will discuss that next.

Pinning a View

2) Pinning a record or view: create a bookmark in CRM

To pin a place in CRM, first navigate to it. Then on the left hand menu expand the “Recent” menu item and click the pin next to the item. Now the item will appear in the “Pinned” menu for later use. The best usage of this is when you are revisiting the same information repeatedly, this can save you time from searching it up repeatedly.


Pin “All Contacts” from the Recent menu “All Contacts” shows in the Pinned menu for later use



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