Today’s Microsoft Partner has been through a transformation over the last 5 years. We are focused on the digital transformation of our practices and also our client’s organizations.

Like most transformations, the reality of the changes sink in after the work has been done. Today, we are poised to help our clients migrate to the cloud and embrace the new opportunities offered by the intelligent cloud. What does this mean for your business? There are three opportunities I would like to highlight:

  • Lower cost to entry
  • Interconnectivity and seamless integration
  • Enhanced security

We have seen dramatic cost savings in the deployment of cloud technology. Prior to cloud, our clients were required to set up and manage a data center, all of its security components, purchase updated hardware and install and manage database software. Additionally, the purchase of the software and all of its corresponding hardware and security had to be paid for in full up front, with no refunds allowed. Many of our client’s could not afford this kind of up front investment.  What the cloud enables you to do, is purchase, as a monthly subscription fee, all the components required to get your software up and going and ready to configure. If it turns out that the software is not a fit for you, you simply turn off your subscription.

Our clients also see the many benefits of interconnected software. As an example, in a recent CRM deployment, through a few configuration changes, we were able to integrate the complete Microsoft Productivity Suite®, add in a document signature software and add in an inbound marketing solution. Three solutions deployed and fully integrated, in a fraction of the time.

One of the greatest benefits to the cloud, is the peace of mind that a state of the art, robust, fully staffed and managed data center can provide. In today’s world of threats and attacks, being able to leverage the expertise and capabilities of a world class data center significantly reduces your risk. Not only do you have full back up and redundancy options, you have a team that is current on the latest threats and vulnerabilities.

As you consider the multitude of options available to your organization in digital transformation, our team is ready to help.

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