Dynamics CRM has good tools to help prevent the creation of duplicate records. And if duplicates are found, merging records are easy!

We’ll cover how to merge records, then we’ll cover how to prevent duplicates. In this example, we will merge contacts. Accounts and Leads are able to merge as well.

When searching for a name and CRM detects a duplicate this screen will appear

If you choose a new record will be created.

When you know there is a duplicate, go to the tab. Type in the name

Put next to the names that are duplicates to be merged. Click on

Choose the appropriate master record and then choose any fields from the other record that should override master record file.

Click . Here is a document for merging accounts and more information on detect duplicate data is available on the Microsoft site.

Setting up CRM to detect duplicates is easy!

Duplicate records can commonly be caused by human error not having duplication detection on or importing a lot of data from different sources.


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