Sometimes you need to delete a lot of items. You can even schedule data to be deleted on a periodic time frame as well.

The example below will show you how to delete emails in Dynamics 365 CRM. If you cannot perform the bulk delete, check to see if you have permission. See the permission section to make sure you have the correct rights to perform.

Always make sure you are doing the correct bulk delete before running it. It is good practice to do a test run in the sandbox to make sure you have getting the results you would expect.

Go to Settings, select

Click on

Click on , ,

Choose criteria (Look for:, Use Saved View, filter)


Permission check

Go to Settings, select . At this point you’ll need to look at all your roles to see if you have permission. In each role look at , , . Ideally, the dot should be green meaning you have the ability to delete all records.

Wally Wasilewski

Sr. CRM Lead


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