In Microsoft Dynamics, they are called Option Sets. They come in three varieties and can be set up multiple ways.

This article will show you how to find, create and edit lists.

In the Entity (table) you can tell which fields are Option Set by looking in the column. by clicking on you can sort alphabetically.

The three types of Option sets are , and .

Which one should you use?

  1. Option Set – shows a list of choices in the data field.
  2. MultiSelect Option Set – Same as Option Set, but you can choose multiple options.
  3. Two Options – This choice allows for only two choices. These are Yes/No, True/False, check box.

To create a new list, go to . Choose the Entity you would like to add a pick-list.

Click on and .

To add an option to list click on . Add new name in the .

To remove a choice, highlight the field to be removed and click on.

The default choices for Two Option set is No and Yes. you can rename these by highlighting the field and click on .

There is also an option to choose a Default Value or Unassigned Value. Keep in mind if you choose a default value, that will probably end up the most picked option on your reporting!

Global Option Sets

Global Option Sets are the regular option sets, but are one list that can be used in many Entities (Tables). The benefit of these is that you only have to maintain one list and if you use Workflows (Flows), you’ll be sure that the values are the same.

In the click on . It’s right below Entities. The steps for creating are the same as the Entity (Table) option set mentioned above.

When using Global Options in an Entity (Table) choose Use Existing Option Set and click on the list you would like to use.

If you have what seems like a real large list or users will need to create options on the fly, using a custom entity (table) as an option might be a better choice. An example would be to look up NAIC or Zip Codes.

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