(Third in a Series)

In the first two blogs of this series, I talked about understanding customer behavior during a crisis and tracking data to help predicting trends. This last blog in the series is about aligning your business processes to fit with the new trends we are seeing.

This is a continuation of the Michigan State University Eli Broad Executive Development Programs on how to realign business process management.

The session talks about companies adapting their processes. How they need to have good scorecards of what the company is trying to accomplish. Through the data we captured from the last blog, we found out that our customer mix might have changed.

When you are collecting data through the interactions of the customer, Scorecards are a great way to track what is important. These scorecards can be put into a graph for quick easy viewing. This allows everyone to know where Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are in comparison of the goal.

CRM has processes built into it. These are called workflows and can be tailored to meet a new or temporary process.

Some companies are experiencing a different type of customer. Tracking customer types can help understand who is buying, what they are buying and how they are interacting with the company. Segmenting out data in the CRM will help capture those trends. It will allow for the training on how to engage the new type of customer.

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Wally Wasilewski

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