(Second in a Series)

In the first blog of this series, I talked about tracking data and predicting trends. So now we should think about customer behavior. Is your customer journey changing, and if yes, is that for the good?

A recent program from the Michigan State University Eli Broad Executive Development Programs on understanding customer behavior during a crisis offers some very current and helpful insight.

The session explains that consumers are feeling less anxiety and are shopping less online. It went on to note that consumers are feeling less anxiety and trending back to pre-pandemic behaviors. Incomes are stabilizing and there will probably be more people working remotely.

Is your business ready to handle different kinds of interactions? This is where the data can help.

Tracking customers’ contact activities can help understand their behaviors. They may also like to follow up about a topic that was previously discussed. And a hosted CRM offers employees immediate access to customer information regardless of their office location.

Additionally, a remote CRM can help with follow up calls, letting another department know something is coming up their pipeline or even let you know that you might be creating a duplicate record. Setting up a task to follow up is easy and it won’t get lost like the sticky note.

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Wally Wasilewski

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