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CRM allows for the 360-degree view of the customer to determine the lifetime value of the customer to your business. Considering the various stages of the customer journey is helpful, especially in these crazy days of Covid, so you can determine where they might be in the sales cycle, but also where they fall in the lifecycle.

Even with online-hosted CRM, working from home or multiple offices, the experience is the same for the customer. The company representative has easy access to the customer’s profile and should reference that information with every interaction.

A recent program from the Michigan State University Eli Broad Executive Development Programs on managing through the crisis provides useful insights. They say the customer journey data is still king when it comes to determining trends. Stage management monitoring of the customer performance and lifetime value continue to provide important feedback. And, while more people are working from home, customers are asking, “Do you still know me?”

Without having a complete and easy system to access, you cannot support their needs. CRM can help make sure that every interaction is consistent with what they would expect under normal business circumstance.

From the lead generation journey to the opportunity journey to the support journey, I can show you how to track the interactions and help with what is next! And if you need to track referrals, I have something for that was well.

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Wally Wasilewski


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