If you haven’t heard by now, Microsoft will be changing the User Interface (UI) on it Dynamics 365 CRM solution. Microsoft has been communicating about the new UI for some time. For most end users, it will be a welcomed change.

It will be better supported across a broader range of browsers and devices. These environments will look the same. This will allow users to use from multiple devises providing a uniform experience.  Including Power Apps customizations!

Administrators will like the no-code or low-code Model-driven Apps to help assign roles and security to give better visibility and field access. The new apps better accommodate the needs of different groups without having to re-create forms, views, etc.

What you really need to know is:

  • December 1, 2020 is a locked date! Is the role out date for online version and will be enforced.
  • Your environment can be tested right now in a Sandbox.
  • Super users can start using the new UI ahead of training for change management.
  • Form tabs are back for those of you that remember them. Which means less scrolling. This actually helps on performance for loading information on the screen.
  • Microsoft says that there is significant improvements in load times up to 63% for grid loads, 37% for form loads, and 27% for app launches.
  • Here is a playbook to dive into the specifics a little deeper.
  • Make sure your third party is supported or you have an updated app.
  • Microsoft has a checklist that covers some of items mentioned above.

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Wally Wasilewski


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